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How to upgrade huawei GPON OLT MA5680T control card firmware version?

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Huawei MA5680T is a aggregation Optical Line Terminal (OLT), it supports up to 14 service slots (19inch type) and can support maximum 28,000 subscribers (GPON). MA5680T has GICF/X2CS Uplink Board available for selection, and two power slot redundancy for DC power input.

huawei gpon olt MA5680t

When I get the huawei GPON OLT MA5680T, I found that only the H805GPFD card works and is already configured but the other 3 cards H806GPFD are not working. How to resolve the problem?


The reason is caused by the difference firmware of two control card, one version is higher, antoher card version is low. The chassis run by the low firmware, the high version control  card do not run. The user can upgrade the control card firmware, making two cards firmware version are same. The detail steps as below:

1. insert the control card with new version, power on the chassis for more than 10minutes

2. insert the low version control card, run 20minutes

3. run the following commands: 

   undo rollback standy


   display version


 two control card firmware version be same and save it, will be ok.

Ma5680T upgrade


Ma5680T upgrade firmware



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