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How to use a optic fiber power meter?

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1. What is Optical Power Meter?

Optical power meter is an instrument used to measure optical power. It can be used to measure optical power directly or the loss of optical power passing through a section of optical fiber. It is a basic measuring instrument in optical fiber communication system. 
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optic fiber power meter 

 2. What are the common buttons

At present, there are many brands of optical power meter. We mainly introduce conventional products button, which can basically cover the needs of most users.

(1) DET button: Delete the measured data

(2)dBm /W button: Switch between "W" and "dBm"

(3)REF button : Multi - function keys, usually return to zero, switch and correct.

(4)’λ’ button: Wavelength switching, such as: 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm or 1625nm

(5)SAVE button: Save data

(6)LD button: Optical power meter and light source mode conversion 

(7)POWER button: Power switch

3.How to use a fiber optic power meter?

Handheld optical power meters are known for being extremely intuitive and easy to use. Although the Settings and operation of different power meters vary depending on the manufacturer and model, the basic functions remain the same. Here's how to use it:
(1) For accurate results, you should clean the interface of the optical fiber and optical power meter with a fiber cleaner before use

(2) First, test a fiber optic jumper. Press the ’λ’ button to choose an appropriate wavelength, insert the optic fiber jumper into the optic power meter, then the screen will appear the loss value of the jumper.

(3) Press the REF button for two seconds to clear the test data, then connect the jumper to the optical fiber which need to be test through a fiber optic adapter, and wait for a few seconds, the optical power meter will show a stable value.

(4) The stable number that appears on the screen is the loss of the measured fiber.

The above four simple steps complete the detection of optical fiber loss. If the loss value is too large, it means that the transmission quality of the optical fiber is poor, then it is necessary to further investigate the optical fiber to find the problem.

If you want to learn more, you can watch this video by clicking the link:


4.Precautions for using power meter:

4.1 The appropriate jumper should be equipped according to the interface of the power meter and the interface of the network optical device. (For example: the optical power meter interface is SC, the network optical device is LC, then it should be equipped with a SC to LC fiber jumper. Single-mode jumper is used to measure single-mode optical power and multi-mode jumper is used to measure multi-mode optical power.)

4.2 Do not look directly into the laser output of the optical power meter under any circumstances, which may cause permanent visual burns.

4.3 Battery type optical power meter if for a long time not used then should take out the battery, rechargeable optical power meter must be charged and discharged once a month.

4.4 Protect the ceramic head when using, and clean it with an alcohol cotton every three months.

5.Common problems of optical power meter:

5.1 Why does the fiber power meter measure light inaccurately?

a. The optical power meter has just been used. Usually there is an error with the reference value. In this case, just follow the operation instructions to calibrate the equipment.

b. The optical power meter appears inaccurate after a period of use. Most of the equipment into the dust, wipe the interface with alcohol, generally can be solved, if it is not possible, return to the factory.

5.2 Why does the power ,meter meter keep bouncing?

This is because the sensitivity of the optical power meter is high. As long as it receives light, it will jump digitally, but as long as it receives a stable light source during the test, it will stabilize the value.

5.3 How to deal with incomplete screen display after starting the device, or no response?

Replace the battery, it is very likely that the battery power is insufficient, if this is not possible, return to the factory. 

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