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1000M OAM Managed Media Converter successfully developed

For quite a long time, carriers and service providers have been suffering from the inconvenience and complexity of using various types of NMS to manage their huge quantity of devices from various vendors. Sometimes, access media converters are even unable to manage at all. However, with the exponential growth of Ethernet access and the deployment of Metro Ethernet and Nation-wide Ethernet as transportation network, the demands of managing Ethernet network elements are no more ignorable.

Baudcom’s OAM managed media converter can be IEEE802.3ah OAM compliant. This is Baudcom's new generation copper to fiber media converter which can be compliant with 802.3ah OAM. The OAM (Operations, Administration & Maintenance ) Media Converters are designed to provide Local Exchange Carriers (LECs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and large installations such as airports with media conversion solutions that can provide device information, testing, and integration with standards-based operations systems in a Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) environment. The media converter which meet the IEEE 802.3ah standard can support Link Monitoring, Remote Failure Indication, and Remote Loopback capabilities. The media converter also can support Q in Q vlan, web based management.

The OAM managed media converter enable carriers and service providers to have a crystal-clear vision of their network and an easy convenient managed demarcation point. More detail production information

时间:2011/12/17 14:56:39