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Baudcom Industrial grade voice fiber multiplexer help Shanghai Zoo network upgrade

 To response to increasing demand for information, shanghai zoo upgrade communications system. To maximize the use of existing fiber resources, simultaneously transmit multiple telephone,ethernet data and other business, Baudcom’s multiservice voice/phone over fiber multiplexer is the ideal choice for the application. The phone Optical fiber multiplexer can  transmit simultaneously telephone,ethernet,4E1 and RS232 by one single fiber. Due to space constraints, the remote device can only be placed on the roof. The temperature of the roof in the summer will be enclosure to 70 degrees or more because of thermal radiation effects and poor ventilation. To meet the special application, Baudcom engineers specially design the industrial phone Optical fiber multiplexer. After installation, these voice/phone fiber multiplexers work stably for longtime.  Baudcom’s high-quality equipment and good technical service has been highly praised by zoo staff.

industrial phone over fiber multiplexer application

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