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Front Mount 16ports Balun Panel Is Released

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16ports Coax to RJ45 front mount Balun panel is released.The front balun panel has BNC connector,RJ45 connector and DB68 connector.The balun panel can be used as BNC (75ohm) to RJ45 (120ohm) balun adapter or BNC (75ohm) to DB68 (120ohm) balun adapter.The 16ports BNC to RJ45 balun panel impedance converter is 19inch,2U high,rack mount.
The main difference between the 16ports front mount balun panel and other 16ports balun panel (BIC-C16) is that the BNC(75ohm) connectors and RJ45(120ohm) connectors are on front panel,DB68 connector on back panel.
More information about the 16port front mount balun panel,

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