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Guide for Choosing the Right Outdoor Fiber Cable

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Indoor fiber optic cable is probably fairly familiar to us, as it is a necessary element of our daily lives. However, there are other aspects to consider when installing outside fiber optic cables. Outdoor optical cables are designed to work in a variety of conditions. We will talk about five types of outdoor fiber optic cable and the applications of fiber optic cables in this article.

Aerial Outdoor Cable

Aerial outdoor fiber optic cable is a fiber optic cable suitable for use in ducts and overhead installation points. Aerial optical cables are usually used for external installation of utility poles. Since the existing overhead pole lines can be used for installation, the laying method is very simple, thereby saving more construction costs. Aerial cables are mainly used in flat terrain, so they are easily affected by natural disasters such as typhoons, ice, floods, etc., and are also easily affected by external forces, so their quality must be very good to avoid frequent failures.

aerial cable

Armored Fiber Cable

Outside plant applications require armored fiber cable. To keep rodents out, they usually contain metal armor between the two jackets. It can bear crush loads, making it suitable for direct burial applications or data centers where cables are run beneath the floor or in dust and air. Because armored cables are conductive, they must be grounded appropriately.

armored fiber optic cable

Loose Tube Fiber Cable

Multiple optical fibers are contained in a tiny plastic bucket in loose tube fiber cable. The fibers are loosely positioned in a tube that is coiled in a reverse helical pattern in the cable and is actually longer than the cable’s outer sheath. Because loose tube fiber cable provides the best protection for the fiber under high tension and can be easily protected from moisture with water blocking gel or tape, it is the most extensively used fiber optic cable for outdoor plant trunks.

fibre optic loose tube

Water Blocking Outdoor Cable

Plenum outdoor cables are flame retardant and suitable for overhead, duct, riser installations. Transition joints are not required when entering the building from dedicated external plant cables. Plenum is the space above the ceiling of a building or below the raised floor used for heating, ventilation or air conditioning. What differentiates booster cables from other cables is the jacket material, which uses a flame-retardant, low-smoke material that will emit minimal harmful fumes in the event of a fire. By installing plenum rated cables, you can help ensure that your building’s code meets safety standards.

water blocking fiber cable

Submarine/Underwater Fiber Cable

A submarine fiber cable is a telecommunications cable installed on the seabed between land-based stations to deliver telecommunication signals across ocean and sea stretches, as well as lakes and lagoons. The optical fiber used in subsea cables is chosen for its remarkable clarity, allowing longer distances between repeaters of more than 100 kilometers, reducing the number of amplifiers and the distortion they create.

Submarine Optical Cable

Applications of Fiber Optic Cable

  • Computer Networking
  • Cable Television
  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • Mechanical Inspections
  • Surgery and Dentistry
  • Military and Space Applications
  • Automotive Industry
  • Lighting And Decorations

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