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RFOG ONU FTTH Optical Receiver
The FTTH optial receiver return path adopts burst mode RFOG (turn on the laser when have return signal), which greatly reduced the noise collection.

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Performance Characteristics

Excellent AGC characteristic, when the input optical power range is -7+2dBm, the output level, CTB and CSO basically unchanged.

Professional RF attenuator circuit, with good attenuation linear and high precision.

GaAs amplifier device, with good index, low distortion and high reliability.

The return path control adopts burst mode, which greatly reduced the noise collection.

The shell adopts aluminum die casting, the heat dissipation effect is good and the appearance is exquisite.

The power supply mode is external DC +12V.


 Main Technical Performance

1. Forward path


Optical AGC control range: -7~+2 dBm

C/N≥ 51dB (Note1)

Operating frequency: 45/87 ~ 862/1003MHz

C/CTB≥ 68dB (Note1)

Flatness in band: ±0.75dB

C/CSO≥ 65dB (Note1)

Rated output level: ≥ 92dBμV

Maximum output level: ≥ 92dBμV

2. Return path


Output optical wavelength: 1310±10nm (or specified by the user)

Output optical power: 1 mW (or specified by the user)

Operating frequency: 5 ~ 65MHz (or specified by the user)

Link flatness: ±1.5 dB

Input level range: 75 ~ 85dBμV

Input return loss: ≥16dB

NPR dynamic range: ≥10dB (FP laser, NPR≥30 dB); ≥15dB (DFB laser, NPR≥30 dB)

Note1: The test conditions refer to GB/T 143-2000.

General Performance

Operatingtemperature: -20 ~ +55℃.        Operating voltage: DC +12V.                    

Consumption: ≤ 6W.                                 Dimension: 155mm(L)×116mm(W)×26mm(H).

General Performance

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