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New Original 2U Huawei GPON OLT MA5608T
Huawei’s MA5600T series OLT is the world’s first Terabit fiber access system. It includes the large-capacity MA5600T and the small-capacity MA5608T. The hardware and software of these two models are fully compatible with each other to reduce the costs of spare parts and O&M costs. The MA5600T provides 14 service slots and MA5608T provides 2 service slots.

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  • Supports the 10G GPON/GPON access service. All the three can function as an optical line terminal (OLT) in the GPON system, working with the optical network terminal (ONT) or other optical network units (ONUs).
  • Supports the point-to-point (P2P) FE/GE optical access. The P2P board is mainly used for cascading, and it can also provide users with P2P FTTH access by cooperating with ONTs.
  • Provides the voice service solution based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and H.248, supports the POTS port to implement the voice service, fax service, narrowband modem service, and various supplementary services.
  • Provides the E1/N*64k private line service through the TDM SHDSL board. And H802EDTB board supports the TDM SHDSL feature.
  • Supports broadband access services such as ADSL2+, VDSL2, and SHDSL, enhancing the xDSL function.Huawei GPON OLT MA5608T

        MA5608T Specification

Board Configuration control boards (2 slots), service boards (2 slots), power interface board (1 slot)
switching capacity (control board) /System Layer 2 packet forwarding rate MCUD/MCUD 1: 128 Gbit/s (active/standby mode),256 Gbit/s (load-sharing mode)
Switching/Forwarding delay The 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port sends the 64-byte Ethernet packets at a delay shorter than 20 μs.
BER in full load BER of a port when the port transmits data in full load < 10 e-7
System reliability specifications System: redundant configuration.System availability for the typical configuration: > 99.999%.Mean time between failures (MTBF): about 45 years. (for reference).
Operating environment Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +65°C,Operating humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH,Atmospheric pressure: 61 ~ 106 kPa,

Altitude: ≤ 4000 m

Max. number of ADSL2+ / VDSL2 / POTS  ports 128
Max. number of EFM SHDSL /ISDN BRA / ISDN PRA ports 64
Max. number of TDM SHDSL / GPON ports 32
Max. number of 10G GPON ports 8
Max. number of P2P FE / GE ports 96

        Dimensions and weight of the ma5608t olt



Dimensions (W x D x H, excluding mounting brackets)


Dimensions (W x D x H, including mounting brackets of IEC standard)


Dimensions (W x D x H, including mounting brackets of ETSI standard)


Weight (empty chassis)


        Running environment parameters of the ma5608t olt

Environment Parameter


Working environment temperature

-40°C to +65°C

Working environment humidity

5% RH to 95% RH

Atmosphere pressure

70 kPa to 106 kPa


< 4000 m

         Huawei ma5608t olt Positioning

  • Deployed at the remote end, including the base stations (BSs) and outdoor environments
  • 2 U high, and supports a maximum of two service boards
  • Connected to MxUs or ONTs and used in FTTB/C and FTTH scenarios
  • Connected to xDSL terminals and phones and used in the MSAN/DSLAM scenario

  • Application

  • Huawei GPON OLT MA5608T applicationHUAWEI OLT ONT fiber to home triplay application

  • huawei OLT MA5608T POTs data IPTV applicationHuawei OLT VOIP IPTV application

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