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SIP to E1 converter Trunk Gateway
BD-E1-SIP is cost-effective trunk gateway equipment specific design for open source market to work with Asterisk/Elastix/small IPPBX

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BD-E1-SIP is cost-effective trunk gateway equipment specific design for open source market  to work with Asterisk/Elastix/small IPPBX. It's built-in echo canceller function and voice decoding conversion function. Users can flexibly select  G.711A/U, G.729, G.723,iLBC a variety voice decoding and it easily completes IP and PSTN voice and signal converting.  In addition, BD-E1-SIP provides friendly GUI configuration interface, users can freely configure and manage the equipment.

Key Benefits

●    Cost-effective VoIP trunk  gateway

     ●    Support  echo cancellation, DJB, VNG, VAD and Qos

     ●    Voice codec option: G.711A/U,G.723.1 (option), G.729A/B(option),  iLBC(option)

     ●    Simple Configuration, friendly GUI, strong handling capacity,  stability system

     ●    Good compatibility, support Asterisk, Elastix, Freeswitch  and Small and medium IPPBX platform

Physical Interface

●  ISDN Interface

      1/2* E1/T1, G.703, 120Ω RJ-48c

●  Network Interface

      WAN  and LAN, 2 * 10/100M Base-TX, RJ-45

●  RS232  Console

      RJ-45, 115200bps



      ISDN E1/T1,Japan T1.

      ITU-T I.431, Q.921, Q.931, ETSI Q.sig

●   R2

     China and other 22 variants

Voice and Fax

●  G.711A/U law (G.723.1, G.729A/B, iLBC –optional)

     ●  Silence Suppression & Detection

      ●  Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)

     ●  Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

     ●  Echo Cancellation (G.168)

     ●  Adaptive (Dynamic) Jitter Buffer

      ●  Call Progress Tone Generation

      ●  Programmable Gain Control

      ●  T.38/Pass-through

     ●  DTMF Mode: Signal/RFC2833/Inband


●  SIP-RFC3261,3262,3263,3264,


●   SDP -RFC 2327

●   RTP/RTCP-RFC2198,1889

●   Network Protocol



      Http, DNS

Physical Feature

●  Power supply:100-240V,50-60Hz


●  Temperature(operation): 0 ℃  ~ 45 ℃

                         (storage): -20 ℃ ~80 ℃

●  Operation Humidity: 10%-90% no condensation

●  Dimension(w/D/H): 225*150*38mm

●  Weight: 0.75kg

Maintain & Upgrade

●  Web based configuration

      ●  Data backup/restore

      ●  Support English and Chinese

     ●  Firmware upgrade by TFTP/web

      ●   Web & Telnet  login password modify

     ●  Factory reset

      ●  Output CDR/logs by syslog

      ●   Call statistics

      ●   NTP Configuration




Question1: Does the SIP E1 gateway support SS7 protocol? 
Answer: Baudcom BD-E1-SIP trunk gateway can support SS7, but this is optional function. If the client need to pay for the additional charge for SS7 license.

     Question2:  Can the SIP E1 voip gateway support both SS7 and PRI protocol? 
Answer: Baudcom BD-E1-SIP gateway can support SS7 and PRI. SS7 need extral charge for license. PRI is free.

     Question3:  Can your E1 SIP converter support both PRI and R2 protocol? Which standard does R2 protocol of SIP E1 gateway use?
Answer: Yes, PRI and R2 protocol can be supported. BD-E1-SIP trunk gateway's R2 protocal is MFC standard. If you want the R2 protocol of your device uses UK standard, you can choose our another model E1 SIP gateway BD-MG-E1.

     Question4:  Can the E1 voip gateway support H.323 protocol? 

Answer: H.323 protocol is not supported.

     Question5: I would prefer for SIP to T1 conversion for this customer as we currently have a T1 connection. Can the SIP converter support T1

Answer: The sip gateway normal configuration is for E1. If you need T1, we can specially make it for you, please note the information to us when you place order.

    Question6: what is the login account and password of the gateway e1 sip

    Answer: account: admin  password: admin@123# 

    Question7: How many ethernet ports does the voip gateway device have? How many WAN ports and how many LAN ports? 

    Answer: The device have two 10/100/1000Base-T ports, they all can be used as WAN port or LAN port.

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