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Original Huawei ETP48100 48V 50A power supply use for the OLT
Original Hua wei ETP48100 48V 50A power supply use for the OLT

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ETP48100 is an AC/DC embedded power system with excellent performance such as high power efficiency, intelligent battery management, remote management, wide range of AC input voltage, etc. The system can configure 2 pieces of 1U 50A high rectifier modules, and provides 30A rated current output. ETP48100-A1 can be embedded in 19-inch rack or cabinet.

Input:100-120V / 200-240V
Rectifier module: R4850G*1
Apply to:Fiberhome/Huawei/ZTE OLT

Huawei embedded power products include the ETP4830, ETP4890, ETP48150, ETP48200, ETP48400,and others. They provide 30–400 A DC outputs and are –48 V DC power systems with high applicability. The full series of efficient rectifiers deliver an efficiency of up to 98%. Functional units use standard size designs. The power products are 1 U to 9 U high. They are compact, easy to install, and can be mounted in a 19-inch rack or embedded in a cabinet.

Huawei SCC800 is a brand-new all-in-one power and environ-ment monitoring solution. It provides comp-rehensive monitoring interfaces for access to multiple devices, detailed energy efficiency analysis, and automatic state of health (SOH) diagnosis to implement precise site management and intelligent control.Collaborating with Huawei energy devices, the SCC800 can be devel-oped later into a total power and environment monitoring solution that ensures high energy efficiency.


   ●   Support wide range of DC output from 30A to 400A;

   ●   High rectifier efficiency over 96% helps to save energy, derated output above 55℃;

   ●   Rectifier with MTBF>500,000h helps to save OPEX;

   ●   E-label function, can achieve assets management of the whole site, easy for assets management and location of problem quality;

   ●   Battery anti-reversed connection function, avoid the possible of equipment loss and personal safety accident

   ●   Complete system management function, LCD visualization monitoring;

   ●   Support multiple interfaces, convenient remote centralized management.

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