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CATV RF Optical Receiver with PON WDM - 2RF output
CATV RF Optical Receiver, PON WDM, 2 channels RF output. It is suitable for FTTH subscriber access terminals, achieving triple play application.

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CATV RF optical  characteristics

  •  High-quality aluminum profile shell with good heat dissipation.
  •  RF channel full GaAs low noise amplifier circuit. The digital signal satisfies -15dBm reception and the analog signal satisfies -10dBm reception.
  • With light input AGC function (AGC range can be customized).
  • Low-power design, high-efficiency switching power supply ensures high reliability and high stability of the power supply. The overall power consumption is less than 2W, with a light detection circuit.
  • Can be built-in WDM, single-fiber home (1490/1310/1550nm) triple-network convergence applications.
  • Built-in optical isolator, input to achieve 1490/1310nm isolation
  • Multi-stage lightning protection devices (TVS TVS diodes) and lightning protection systems ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
  • SC/APC or FC/APC or custom optical connectors, male or female RF interfaces.
  • Output power supply can be achieved.
  • Single or dual output can be achieved.

Technical parameters


Technical parameters

CATV RF Optical Receiver-WDM - 2RF output

Received wavelength


Input optical power


Optical reflection loss

45 dB

Optical connector form


Frequency Range


In-band flatness


RF output reflection

16dB@ 47~550MH ; 14dB@1006MHz

Output level

80dBuV(1 port) /76dBuV(2 port)

Output port number

1 or 2

RF output impedance


AGC range


Carrier to Noise Ratio (Note1)


CTB (Note 1)


CSO(Note 1)


Host voltage


Adapter voltage

AC110V or AC220V or customized

Operating temperature


Power consumption


Product net size


10 pack sizes


FCL packaging size (100)


Product net weight


 Note 1: Test conditions: 59 PAL-D analog television channel signals are deployed in the 550 MHz frequency range,and digital modulation signals are transmitted in the frequency range of 550 MHz to 862 MHz under the specified link loss conditions

  The 8MHz bandwidth is 10dB lower than the carrier level of the analog signal, and the optical receiver input optical power is 0dBm, measuring C/N, CTB, and CSO.



The BD-OR-2RF-WDM RF optical receiver is a home optical receiver with optical fiber access as its ultimate goal. It is suitable for FTTH (fibre to the home) network fiber subscriber access terminals, enabling analog or digital signals to home. The machine uses low-power photodetectors, GaAs and optical AGC technology to meet the fiber-to-the-home CATV reception needs. This device can be with WDM and achieve triple play application.

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