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16E1 Fiber Multiplexer
16E1 fiber multiplexer can multiplex 8E1 signals fiber,Distance up to 120Km,Supporting 1+1 fiber protection,dual fiber or WDM

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16E1 fiber optical multiplexer can multiplex to 16E1 signals for transmission over an optical fiber, resulting in reaching a longer distance without a repeaters and superior performance compared to copper media.

16E1 fiber optical multiplexer is the 16E1 point-to-point optical transport equipment that uses the FPGA chips and it is easy to upgrade. It is single board structure and the largest transmission capacity is 16E1. The outer design use the standard 19 inches rack, so the volume is little, weight is light and operation is convenient and credit. 
16E1 fiber optical multiplexer, is use the PDH fiber transmission technologies. The 2M (E1) interfaces can connect with the exchanger, light loop device and multi-diplexer directly to form the mircomidi or the special network. Complete alarm function for 16E1, it is stable and easy to maintenance, install and small in size. It has one digital service telephone.


   ●   Offer 16 X 2Mb/s digital interfaces

   ●   The supervisory control interface implements centralized monitoring and export the monitor and control information of this port and opposite port.

   ●   One link to service telephone for duty contract

   ●   220VAC & -48VDC power options and the positive and negative of DC-48V can be optional because there is the self-test circuit for the polarity inside th1e device

   ●   Standard 19/9.5 inches rack, little volume, light weight, steady capacity and convenient setup

   ●   Digital clock recovery circuit and digital smooth DPLL adopted for 2.048Mb/s port

   ●   LED indicators

   ●   Has 1+1 fiber protection for optional

   ●   Power supply redundancy : AC220 and DC-48V or DC-24V combination

Optical interface     

   ●   Optical wavelength: 850nm/1310nm for multi- mode optical interface,

   ●   1310nm/1550nm for single-mode optic interface 

   ●   Optical interface: SC/FC 

   ●   Receiving and dispatching module: >-6dBm 

   ●   Optical receiver receiving sensitivity <-36 (BER<10): 

   ●   Dynamic range receiving: >-30dB 

   ●   Transmitting range: Multi-mode 2 Km, single-mode 40Km, single-mode 60 Km, single-mode 120Km 

   ●   Vibration characteristic: Satisfies G.742 and the G.823 standard

E1 interface    

   ●   Interface code: HDB3 code 

   ●   Line speed: 2.048Mbp/S ?50ppm 

   ●   Interface standard: ITU-T G 703 

   ●   Interface impedance: 75ohm/unbalanced or 120ohm/ balanced 

   ●   Interface characteristic: supports rack (19 inches, 6U high), can reach up to 24 directions

Application 1: Optical Multiplexer point to point



Application 2:Optical Multiplexer central SNMP managment

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