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8 100/100/1000M+4 GE SFP Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch
BD-S2108FSI is new generation management type industrial Ethernet switch, it supports 4 SFP ports and 8 ethernet ports,web management and console mangaement.

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BD-S2108FSI is our new generation "management type industrial Ethernet switch series of products, it supports 4 SFP ports and 8 ethernet ports, the aluminum metal case with IP40 protection equipment, strong anti vibration card base, extreme temperature adaptability and good EMC performance of EMC, to ensure that in the harsh environment the long-term stable and reliable, safe use. BD-S2108FSI supports the proprietary M-Ring ring protection protocol, healing time can be less than 20ms, VLAN, QINQ, STP/RSTP, support QOS, ACL multicast, rich two layer exchange function, while providing CLI, Telnet, SSH, Http, Https and other management and network management software based on SNMPv1/v2c/v3. BD-S2108FSI has wide range of applications, including campus, rail transport, electricity, petroleum, petrochemical, banking, water, metallurgy, public security, military, civil aviation, etc., by the user's trust and praise.


  •  Support 4 100/1000M with Ethernet SFP ports, 8 10/100/1000M ports adaptive;
  •  Support cable fault detection, a key to restart and restore the factory function;
  •  Support Ethernet ring network protocol ERPS, support for private M-RING ring protection protocol, the protection of switching time can be less than 20ms;
  •  Based on port aggregation, linear protection based on G.8031 protocol and the protection of the ring network based on G.8032 protocol;
  •  Support spanning tree (STP) and fast spanning tree (RSTP) protocol and multi spanning tree (MSTP) protocol;
  •  Port, port support hybrid redundancy network;
  •  Support VLAN 802.1Q, basic QinQ and flexible QinQ, support up to VLAN 4K table entry;
  •  Support for rich OAM, including 802.3ah standards in line with the EFM and 802.1ag, Y.1731 standard CFM;
  •  Support port based, 802.1P, DSCP, MAC address, ID VLAN, Type QOS and other Ethernet services;
  •  Supports 256 ACL access control rules;
  •  Support for speed limits based on port, VLAN, and port +VLAN;
  •  Support RMON, effectively improve the network monitoring and forecasting ability;
  •  Supports RADIUS, TACACS+, IEEE802.1X, HTTPS and SSH and other network security functions;
  •  Support the broken fiber alarm; support Dying Gasp remote equipment fail alarm;
  •  Support relay output alarm function;
  •  Support port loop detection;
  •  Support device online upgrade, support device configuration upload and download;



 SFP port:4 SFP ports with 100/1000M adaptive

 Ethernet port:8 Ethernet ports with 10/100/1000M adaptive

 Console port:1 RS-232 port 

 Alarm por: 1 relay output terminal

 Reset key: reset device and restore the default configuration


8GE ethernet switch application

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