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questions about EPON OLT

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Question1: does BD-OLT-2000 2ports EPON OLT supports SNMP? also syslog?
Answer: Yes, the two feature can be supported.

Question2: please advise how to configure SNMP and syslog
Answer:  you can configure the two functions by "read-comm" and "write-comm" command line.

EPON OLT SNMP configuration







Question3: Is SNMP feature limited only to your NMS? is it not possible for Graphing tools like MRTG?
Answer: Our EPON OLT can also be managed by other software which support SNMP protocol, but need us provide the MIB file to you.

Question4: currently, we can only configure clients one at a time on the EMS. The EMS Server and client was installed on one hardware. Does your team have a solution for a centralized EMS server where multiple users can access it and configure clients for the OLT?
Answer: BAUDCOM GEPON OLT can support multi-users management at the same time. The EMS server software installed in central site, the client software install in different PC, the different client software can use at the same time.
Question5: Can 8port/16port EPON OLT be managed by one NMS software?
Answer: yes. Baudcom's GPON and EPON 8/16port OLT can be managed by same NMS software.

Question6: About the dual band 2.4G/5G wifi EPON ONU, are there two SSID or only one SSID? 

Answer: They are two SSID for 2.4G and 5G wifi.

Question7: Can the 2.4G and 5G wifi of the dual band EPON ONU be switched automatically according to the signal strength?

Answer: They are two separately wifi, can not switch automatically.

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