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Gigabit Ethernet to Fiber Optic media converter with redundancy 1+1 fiber protection
Gigabit Ethernet to Fiber Optic media converter with redundancy 1+1 fiber protection, two SFP slot,Support Fx Port 1+1 automatic protection switching

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Ø  This is 1.25 Gb/s optical transmission equipment ,can realize the optical line 1 + 1 redundancy protection in point-to-point mode, it can provide Optical Port automatic protection switching. To realized 1* 1000M  or  1*100M  Ethernet data  to 2 Port 1.25 Gb/s optical  Port for long distance transmission.

Ø  The equipment support 2 Fx port with a hot-swappable SFP slot;

Ø  This device uses a centralized management platform to monitor and manage the device,  it is very convenient. Also supports SNMP.

Ø  This equipment is high integration, low power consumption, stable performance, easy installation, can be widely used in telecommunications, electricity and financial industries


KEY Functions:

Ø SupportFX port with 1+1 automatic protection switchingswitching time will less than 30ms

Ø  Rack-Mountable

Ø Supports hot plugging

Ø Support 16-slot Rack management

Ø  Powerful Network Management functionWebSNMPConsole

Ø  Full State Led display

Ø  Easy installation

Ø  Fiber Port Supports functions monitoring for SFP modules

Ø  Fiber Port Supports Standard SFP modules port

Ø  Ethernet Port Supports Ethernet frame length: 64~9600 bytes.

Ø  Ethernet Port Complies with IEEE802.3ah

Ø  Ethernet port Supporting 1000/100M, full duplex autosensing

Ø  Ethernet port support MDI/MDIX

Technical Information: 

Performance Data

Technical Indexes

Equipment function

Media Converter

Transmission Speed


Access Type

1.25G LAN/ 1.25G WAN

Interface Type

Type: 1*ETHERNET to 2*SFPbackup protect

Transmission Distance

SFP module: Up to 80Km

Network management

•  Card type information
•  SFP fiber module detection
•  SFP fiber module DMI function
Temperature Voltage Optical power
•  Link status detector
•  Remote card's status monitor
only in pairs

power requirement

Rack-mountable : AC 85 220V OR DC -48V
Standalone: AC 220V OR DC -48V
Power consumption: ≤ 3.5 W

Work Environment

Operating Temp: 0~ 50
Storage Temp: -10~ 70
Humidity: 5%~90% non-condensing


Card 11.5mm W × 78mm D × 26mm H / 81.4GS (NET WEIGHT)
Standalone 156mm W × 128mm D × 32mm H /0.85KGS (NET WEIGHT)

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