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G703 E1 Balun Fly Lead BNC Coaxial to RJ45,75 ohm to 120 ohm adapter
2 x BNC Male to 1 x RJ45 Male Socket. 75 ohm to 120 ohm adapter. Suitable for 2-8M E1 and E2 data streams

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   BIC-C1-C is single G.703 E1 75 ohm to 120 ohm balun converter (75Ω dual coax  and 120Ω twist pair). It is used conveniently without power supply. Two coaxial cable are assemblied with converter, which make customer use easily.

  The E1 balun converter(G.703 balun) supporting E1 data rates to 2.048 Mbps, the BIC-C1-C receives 75 ohm signals and converts them to 120 ohm for transmission over a network or reception by a CPE. The signals output by the balun converter are scaled to match the pulse shape requirements specified by the CCITT G.703 standard. The balun converter can perform 120 ohm to 75 ohm signal conversion as well, giving the device a dual role.


  • Data Rates to 2.048 Mbps
  • Dual Coax 75 ohm to 120 Ohm Twisted Pair RJ45
  • Bi-Directional Signal Conversion
  • No AC Power or Batteries Needed
  • Male BNC Cable Available, the cable length is 15cm
  • Ultra-Miniature Enclosure



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