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16 E1 Coax to RJ45 Front Mount Balun Panel
DB68/RJ45 to coax 16E1 balun panel,75ohm to 120ohm converter,120ohm are RJ45 and DB68 connector,BNC and RJ45/RJ48 connectors on front panel,DB68 connector on real panel.

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The 16 E1 Coax to RJ45 Front Mount Impedance Matching Balun Panel provides 75ohm coax (BNC connector) to 120ohm twisted pair (RJ45 connector) conversion. The 16ports balun panel matches 16sets of dual 75ohm (female BNC connector) to 120ohm (RJ45 connector) converter. This feature allows network & datacom equipment manufacturers who are selling equipment for use in Cos with only 120ohm telco interface to offer their equipment to G.703 countries using 75ohm connections.
The 16E1 G.703 impedance matching balun panel solve the mismatch between UTP and coaxial cable. The panel balun can be used for internal network connectivity T1/E1/CPE network transmission equipment and other applications.
The panel balun matches not only signal impedance, but also the pulse shapes of the signals according ITU-T G.703 standard. The 16port balun panel mounts in a standard 19 inch(48.3cm) rack, occupies only 2U of rack. The coax (BNC) and RJ45 connectors are on the front.
The 120ohm port also can be DB68 connector in the back panel. So the balun panel can be used as 75ohm BNC to 120ohm RJ45 conector or to 120ohm DB68 connector.
             real panel with 120ohm DB68 connector
  • Data Rates to 2.048 Mbps
  • 75 Ohm (M4 connector) to 120 Ohm Twisted Pair (RJ45)or 120ohm DB68 connector;
  • Bi-Directional Signal Conversion
  • 2U high enclosed chasiss
  • mounts in a standard 19 inch(48.3cm) rack
  • No AC Power or Batteries Needed
  • 16 Female BNC connector Available
  • BNC connector and RJ45 connector are front.
G.703 Interface
BNC connector 75OHM
RJ45 DB68 connector 120OHM
RJ45 connector 120OHM as 1 2 TX,4 5 RX

16 E1 G703 balun impedance converter application
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