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1310/1550 WDM SFF Transceiver
WDM SFF Transceiver, single fiber bi-directional,Operates at data rates of 100, 155, 622Mb/s to 1.25Gb/s, Up to 40Km with 9/125um SMF

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BDFR-303 transceiver is a series single mode single fiber SFF(Small Form Factor)module designed for optical data communication applications. It is
electrically compatible with the SFF-MSA transceiver.Integrated with 1310/1550nm splitter, the transmitter section incorporates an advanced FP laser and driver IC with temperature compensation and automatic power control circuit. The receiver section incorporates an efficient InGaAs/InP PIN
photodiode and Trans-impedance with AGC for wide dynamicrange. The transceiver has excellent reliability.BDFR-303 series module is 1310Tx/1550Rx version Together with BDFR-503 series module,they can
provide the system designer with products to implement a range of Ethernet and ATM designs at the 100M/125M bps rate and SONET/OC-3,
SDH/STM-1 for telecommunication.

?? 2X5 DIP metal package with single SC/PC or SC/APC receptacle;
?? PECL logic DATA interface,
    compatible with ordinary two fiber Small Form Factor MSA transceiver;
?? 1310nm LD/1550nm Rx with 1310/1550nm Splitter, single fiber
        bi-directional transmission;
?? Suitable used in the full-duplex transmission application;
?? Full compliant with ITU-T G.957,G.958 specification;
?? Operates at data rates of 155, 622Mb/s to 1.25Gb/s;
?? Up to 40Km with 9/125μm SMF;
?? LVTTL signal detect output;
?? Single +3.3V or +5V power supply;
?? Two temperature ranges: 0°C to +70°C for commercial level, -40°C to
+85°C for industrial level;

?? Telecom System
?? Datacom System

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